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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Repairing ASVAB

The ASVAB test was going on when I got in today. Mr. J's class was right outside in the hallway working on sets for their play and being quite noisy, so I reminded him about the test and he shushed his students down immediately. I worked on repairing texts while we waited for the test to be over. Gluing and fixing new covers, checking out the texts waiting to see what they needed, doing some additional repairs on books that had gotten initial repairs. I now have a row of books waiting for glue to dry! When we got in I checked in and out the seemingly interminable Algebra Connections Volume 1 for the Volume 2, lots of individual students bringing things back and checking out. Several nice comments on my March bulletin board from staff. I worked with Mrs. H on our Baker and Taylor order since we got the all clear to add some new books to our collection. We pooled our resources and got a good list together. Since we seem to be shy on our Sci-Fi collection I also asked Mr. H & Mr. C to suggest titles they thought would be good. Processed magazines at the end of the day. I had requested a vacation day for tomorrow as we have an amazing guest coming to town and I got permission to go to the airport with my hubby to pick him and his wife up! Then Friday is an Inservice/Grading Day (I only work a half day - just under 3 hours) so Mrs. H is meeting me at the Borders Books and we will pick up some additional books! How lucky am I to work with such a great boss who orders me to work to pick out books for our collection! Huzzah!

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