The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, June 12, 2009

5,000 or so to go

We took in over 1,000 textbooks today and still more library books came in. We're down to just 104 students with library books out and about 5,000 textbooks with one day to go! My son came in today (he was a library aide when he went to school here) and helped out and we got everything put away today. We also had help from a couple of staff members and our aides, so they all worked very hard. I withdrew the books we had in from other schools and packed up the Wir die Jugends, House on Mango Street so they can be sent back. I caught books that need to billed for repairs - these were our brand new science texts that no one had ever used - it was sad to see the damage from just one school season. A lot of kids cleared their accounts, but a lot are waiting until Monday - so we'll see what happens. We'll do our best. I'm also coodinating a group of my mother and her friends to come in and do inventory next week, so I am blessed with a great group to volunteer to help us out at Sprague.

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