The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Library Books Due Now!!

This afternoon I helped Mrs. J finish up the overdue books slips for the library. I did the freshmen class and she did the sophomores and juniors. Checked in books all day, did some repairs in between all else. Found some books kid say they turned in - they'd been put away without being checked in. But we found the copies. I found some more books misplaced and got them where they need to go. Gave out more slips for our prizes we'll be giving away tomorrow. They need to have all their library books turned in and all textbooks except what they need for finals. Lots of teachers brought up classes today, and so we got to check in lots of books at one time. One more day to go for regular classes. I'll be in early for finals since the kids leave early so we'll have the textbook window open when students arrive until the time they leave for the day. So many books that need repair - wish I had the time to do them all!

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