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Friday, June 19, 2009

Textbook Abuse

Spent time today pulling all the brand new Physical Science with Earth Science texts that have drawings or other abuse on them from the year. It came to about 80 books out of the 460+ so nearly 20% had pictures, tears, drawings, doodles and other abuse. We talked to the office and with the new administration team coming in, they decided that they didn't want us to bill for damages since we never had done such a comprehensive culling before. So, I'm pretty miffed! That money - about $400 could have gone to repair supplies, plus stopped further damage from other students. So, I've put them on a cart and we'll see what happens in the fall. They won't leave until we get a ruling. Did some other checking with our inventories that my Mom's friends did yesterday and did get a couple of books checked in that were on the shelves, but still 'out'. We did all the other billing for texts out and unusable. Checked in some students that brought in books. Two days of work left!

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