The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lunch at South

I come in to our staff breakfast and started to work on the billing for the seniors. We have the sheets printed and I find about ten kids that do have their books in, ten less for Mrs. S (our bookkeeper) to worry about over the summer. I found stacks that had the wrong books in them, so worked on fixing what I could. Had a father and son come in, their new puppy hadn't chewed anything until he sunk his teeth in the new Biology book! So, they went to Mrs. S and paid for the book. I think it will enter my Textbook Hall of Shame! (Though my favorite HoS is the chewed up Animal Farm!) Had several students bring in texts, lots of teachers in to sign out for the summer. We have to clear their accounts, either all texts in, or accounted for. At one point I had a parent on the phone; two students waiting; a teacher trying to find her last two books; my counter piled with a ton of Bienvenidos and Buen Viaje teacher resources; texts from the locker clean up down in 'the Pit' (downstairs where the freshmen have their lockers); my desk with paperwork and more texts brought over from the office. Today was our end of year luncheon for Library Media, so we all brought something and said goodbye to a few people. One of them is actually coming to Sprague to fill an open Assistant Principal position so Mrs. H brought him a Sprague t-shirt so he'd be properly attired when he arrives in the fall! Mr. C also reminded us to read good books this summer and bring back titles for the fall come back meeting. It was a good time to get together and as soon as I could, I was back in the car and back to Sprague. We signed out teachers all day, most books got back on the shelves and everything we got in today was checked in. Said 'farewell' to a few teachers that will be leaving us. Tomorrow Mrs. H wants us to go over the magazine, text and workbook orders for next year, so those are ready for us to just tweak them and have them wait for approval for next year.

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