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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Senior Finals

Today was the first day of Senior Finals and we got lots of books in! Had the aides running all day to put stuff away! We also got in 8 boxes of new books from LMSS - our Baker and Taylor order has finally arrived! I called Mrs. H (she was home sick) and we decided to just leave them boxed up until next fall so we can put them out as 'new' books for our collection. So I put them in the back down an aisle and labeled them to be left alone until fall! Ms. I came and needed a VHS player, so I grabbed one and took it to her room and got it all hooked up. She is an amazing woman - she was playing 'Mozart: The Requiem from Sarajevo' and telling the kids how she had lived through the 4 years of bombings and how they destroyed the main post office and the national library - cutting off communication and the knowledge of the people. I wished I could have watched more, but once I got it all hooked up and on the right playing channels, it was back to our library. I also worked with Mr. L on the automotive books and we looked over our stash, and he let me know what was to go, and how much he wanted to keep. When the Seniors came and got all checked out of textbooks I also checked to make sure they were done with the regular library and all cleared. Tomorrow is their last day here - sad to see some of them go! But happy too that they've grown and matured and are ready for the wide world!

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