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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Magazines, Texts and Workbooks, Oh My!

Put away more books today and straightened up shelves. I also worked on billing for damaged texts and coordinated with Mrs. J to get these done. I also got packed up all the texts to go back to other schools. I'll put a couple of boxes out a day until they're all picked up. I took care of the repair pile today, making sure the report matched up with what was actually on the shelf. Mrs. H came over and we went over all the magazine, text and workbook orders for next year. I pulled up my worksheet I'd compiled and we went over the requests and approval. This year we're not getting near the amount that we have had. We lost some and picked up some new magazines for the library, and really cut down the magazine budget for this year. Workbooks were also cut down on and hadn't heard from some people, but Mrs. H went to the office and a couple of people are coming in tomorrow to finish that up. We purchase these, then students buy them from us. They only pay what we pay for, there is no profit. As for texts, we have no budget at all for next year. We did garner a request from an English teacher for a class set of a novel, another teacher for an updated text for her class. Other than that, there will be no new books next year, and those may not be approved either. We have many books that need to be repaired. Since I will be out of town most of the summer, Mrs. H has called a woman that used to do repairs for us to see if she'd like to do that for us this summer. We hope we hear from her.

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