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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Graduation Day

Friday, June 5th: The kids practising got soaked today while the rain just plummeted down, but the weather should be o.k. for tonight. Checked in not as many books today, worked on repairs. I had done a new hinge for a Lit text with some double hinge tape I found and wow, did it do a great job! Mrs. H and I were both super impressed. Mr. W came with his 'books out' list and we got in everything from his Biology teacher materials in. He had one missing and we started to go through materials and he found the CD I thought I had checked in but hadn't. Four eyes are better than two! Down to just about 9,000 books now and we put our incentive prizes on display. Turn in a book, fill out a slip, win prizes! So I got lots of kids to fill them out as classes came up over the day. Mrs. H did a great job of getting some fun things.
Congratulations Class of 2009!

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