The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Today my Mom and some of her friends came in and did some inventory for us, it was nice to have some help and get some things taken care of! So, I helped coordinate them, gave them sheets to check off and set them lose in the stacks. Mrs. H and I do a bit more on the workbook and magazine order, some teachers came by and requested some things, so we added them on. I also learned how to do the billing today and worked with Mrs. J on getting all the billing entered in so they can print billing up on Monday. I did all the sophomores and started the freshmen. We just have about half the freshmen to go and we'll be done with that part. Our volunteers stayed until about 3 pm, and then I shooed them out of there! They had done a marvelous 5+ hours of work. Hopefully they'll come back next year! Our book repair lady also called and would love to work on our books over the summer, so she will come in tomorrow and we'll get her set up!

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