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Monday, June 1, 2009

Congrats! Class of 2009

I finish up the calendar today. Lots of students checking in books. The English Department comes back with some of the old books that were checked out to the department or an old teacher and they are now checked out to the teachers that actually have them. I cleared a lot of seniors out today, they would bring in their books and then I would check to see what, or if, they had anything left. I got an email from Bedford/St Martin's got back with the prices for the Bedford Reader and Elements of Argument. I contacted the teacher that uses those and let her know what the prices would be for next year. I thought the staff meeting had been changed to tomorrow, and had totally mixed up the 'teacher staff' meeting with the 'classified staff' meeting. So, I thought the kids could stay until I left at 3:15pm, so I ended up having to get them to leave! I also worked on some repairs today, though the reality of the books I won't have time for was hard to accept. I want to fix them all! Packed up some of the withdrawn books for the surplus run in the summer. Hot in the library today!

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