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Saturday, May 30, 2009


Friday May 29th: It's Oly Luau day! I talked with a fellow staff member about our Trac-It system. She works with it for our Read 180 program and they have their own set up. She wanted to do inventory and I ran through a few things she can try. An inventory summary report and a report of all textbooks. They need to separate the 'Lab A' and 'Lab B' boooks, so we figured out how to break up the reports by subject since they put 'Lab A' and 'Lab B' in the subject line. I took off the May Calender and put up the June Calendar with all the information for finals and senior stuff. We checked in books all day. Lots of carts of books and good help with putting them all away. Since we can only sell 19 of the On Common Ground to Bookbyte I called our Follett rep to see if they wanted any of the 73 others. They aren't looking for those at the moment, but they may come up in the future so he will keep that on file. I had a student return books for him and his brother and one of the Human Anatomy and Physiology books had been damaged, front and end boards water damaged, mold starting to grow. I was very sorry, but we have to bill him for that. I gave him the ISBN number and told him to try Bookbyte rather than pay our $95 a copy we charge since the books are 5 years old, they should be able to get a cheaper copy.

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