The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Still Checking Out

Mr. H said that he'd bring in the Lively Art of Writing. Processed Time and Teen Vogue magazines and two teacher magazines. A student had a log-in question and I helped her with that. Repaired a Night novel, and checked in some Night's that Ms. M brought in so her two classes today would have enough copies to check out and we had plenty. Lot's of To Kill a Mockingbird's came back in patches today. A student needed to take care of an American Experience textbook from last year so she could get her cap and gown, so I directed her to Bookbyte and instead of paying the $53.47 we charged, she got a good copy for $1.95 and was very happy! She brought the book and her cap and gown to show me. Very cool, glad I could help her. A teacher came by and asked for a price on American Scientific magazine for a subscription for next year. So, I had one price at $39.95 and another at $34.95. I checked in some returned items for a teacher. I emailed the workbook inventory to Mrs. HJ for her meeting tomorrow. Checked some books that came in and set them in repair piles before they go on the shelf for the year. Did some corner gluing to set for tomorrow, got some books ready to go back on the shelf. Ms. C came by and asked for some Earth Science books, so I got them ready and took them down to her class since school was already over and she needs them for tomorrow.

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