The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, May 22, 2009


That's the amount of books we have checked out to students and staff as of today! Checked in World Literature books as well as lots of others. We had a student come in today and turn in a bunch of books. Five of them she's had since last year and been billed for them. So, I told her we'd be sure to get them off her bill, but she still had two more library books out. Mrs. J printed out her bill and there were 13 books on it. Six had already been turned in, but hadn't been taken off the bill. So I hunted all the copies down, and we got every book off her bill but the two she still has. Checked out more Animal Farm. Worked on repairs. Torn pages, taping edges. Mr. N came by and wanted to know the price of a text for a student that wanted to check one out for the summer. We do let students check out texts for the summer after they've paid the price of the text. When they bring it back in the fall, they get their money refunded. Processed one teacher magazine, and four of ours, Sports Illustrated, Spin, BMX Plus and Smithsonian. Got back an e-mail on Thrasher magazine that they are no longer on the Ebsco list and would have to be ordered direct. Got a price from the Trappist Bookbindery on rebounding our lit books - $25 each or $19 if we sent in 100 or more! I certainly could send them over 100! And we are off for Memorial Day Weekend! Thank you Veterans!

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