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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Just a Tuesday

Finished up putting the covers on books this morning, and later in the day covered the paperbacks that needed them (some were already done) and put them on the 'new' rack. May 29th is the due date for all library books, so I had one of the aides make a notice for the workroom bulletin board out in the hall. Tomorrow I'll have the aides do another one for the other bulletin board near the copy machine. Checked in and out books here and there all day. We had a teacher bring in a class today to check out A Separate Peace, but he'd brought in a class yesterday and we only had one class set. So we did check out the 8 copies we had left and the rest of the students have to read it out of their regular literature book. Checked the textbook status report and we have 11,582 books out currently. Checked in a lot of To Kill a Mockingbird. We were sent an electronic file of the Senior Scoop, so I read it to keep in mind some of the events and to inform any students that ask questions. I have The Old Man and The Sea ready for students to check out (many have already come in). I sent three students back to class because they were on games, and I shut the games down, then they went on them again. Books of note: 1491, City of Ashes, Jellicoe Road, Otherwise, beautiful boy and Devil in the Details.

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