The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Ms. S came in and had a list of book repair items, so we talked about them! Looked up a textbook number for a student, installed printers on computers. I emailed an OASL member who has done training in book repair what he would consider for spine replacement. One of our teachers emailed to ask about magazine orders for next year. I got together with Mrs. H and we discussed getting the list together, and then just having it available for if/when the budget would approve magazine subscriptions next year. We also discussed getting the workbook order ready as well. I pulled the magazine information from last year, formulated a list for this year, and transferred the new prices into the spreadsheet. Mrs. HJ came by and let us know that at this point, there would be no newspaper orders for next year as things currently stand, but to go ahead and work on the magazine order with the understanding that subscriptions may not be approved for next year. I made a form and we sent it out to all staff with a cautionary statement and that all purchases needed Instructional Leader approval. Then I started working on the workbook form and Mrs. HJ asked that I get a current inventory, prices for next year for their meeting next Wednesday, so I will work on that tomorrow. Checked out Animal Farm to a class. Called Ebsco for a magazine price (for some reason their catalogue had no price for that item) and left call back information. Put money into print accounts, checked in and out individual texts. Created a request form for the workbooks and sent that out as well.

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