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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Incredible Orchestra

A whole class set of Prentice Hall Literature Gold came in today, and I ended up taking the whole set and checking them out for repairs they are in such bad shape. I really want to bust out the spine, reset the spine/signatures and then put it all back together. Mrs. H and I tried to find the spine backs and came up with two possible options. She also found the name of an OASL member who does repair and might know a what it is and what it's called. Put money into print accounts, I had a student bring me in money and repaid for some printing I did the other day for her. We had the Sprague Orchestra come into the library and play today. They needed to play for an audience and Ms. I had emailed Mrs. H to see if she wanted to come listen, and Mrs. H said to just have the orchestra come down and play in the library. So we invited everyone to come and these kids are incredible. Their dedication, their spirit and love of music just rolled around the library. Incredible. I had a student listening at the window asking 'Isn't this breaking the library quiet thing?' I let him know we love to be the heart of the Sprague community and having the orchestra come and play was a part of that he nodded and said it was great. I also had two students on the computers just yakking away and had to tell them to quiet up and be respectful. They didn't, and I had to go over again and then they did settle down. They played for about 20 minutes and it was superb! Checked out The Old Man and the Sea, some more math texts. Repaired some The Stage and the School, and checked in various books. Processed Time and Discover magazine and 2 teacher magazines. An eclectic mix of disciplines today.

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