The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Came in this morning to 32 emails! Responded as appropriate. A lot of them from Friday when we had no access to the computers. Checked out 2 class sets of Algebra 2 Volume 2 and checked in some of the Volume 1 that the students were done with. I packed and shipped a Street Law book and four of the old defective Economics books were sent back to Curriculum. I also found a Night book that belongs to Parrish, so I sent it back to them. I also looked at the books we have out from other schools and will talk to Mrs. H about how she wants them handled. I found several and have them on my shelf to be shipped back. Processed Dirt Rag and People magazine. Reset student Log-Ins, got Algebra 2 Volume 2 books ready for tomorrow morning. I walked by a table of students and they invited me to sit and join them, so I sat with them for a few minutes while we looked through Teen Vogue and People. It was fun to sit with them all. I cleaned out some of the paperback math books I had on the shelf behind me to repair. Then I put new covers on the new books that came in on Friday. Yummy new books! Mrs. H sent out a notice that all library books are due on May 29th, and all senior textbooks are due so we can get them in, checked off and the bills run. You can graduate, but you can't get your grades until the bills are paid!

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