The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Goodbye Mrs. T (waves)

Processed People and Hot Rod magazine for the library and one for a teacher. Another teacher asked if we could get some Animal Farm for her class so I contacted another school. Ms. S's class brought some back and I loaded up all the rest of the copies we had and that got us through Ms. M's and Mr. C's class, 2 class sets checked out. When the other school called back this afternoon, I told her that we didn't need them after all. Finished up the workbook data for Mrs. HJ and just need a bit of additional that I sent emails to on prices for next year. Added in four French 2 CD's that showed up. Checked in books all day from individual students. Had a teacher ask for a book, and I looked first in the regular library, but we supposedly have a class set in textbooks - there's nothing on the shelves, not even a spot for it, but there it is on the list! Mrs. H tracked it down and Mr. H has them, so we will work out tomorrow how to deal with that. Also worked on some Prentice Hall Literature Platinum that I had glued a few weeks ago and finished some of those up to put back on the shelf. We had a going away party for Mrs. T today. She's been here for 6 years, her kids go here, and the tech department decided to make some drastic changes to implement some of their goals, and one of them was to have Mrs. T work in the downtown department. She will be amazing there, but we will really miss her here. So the library was closed this afternoon while we said goodbye over goodies.

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