The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Morning Test

This morning we are in testing mode again, so I work back in the workroom. Mr. G needed 35 First Aid books, so I handwrote everything down and had our aide take them down to him. I entered them in the computer later in the day when the test kids were done. Mr. W came with some papers he needed laminated, so Mrs. H turned on the laminator and I did the lamination and had an aid take them to him. I worked on getting our aides to straighten up the textbook stacks, getting them in numerical order and getting them straight so there won't be damage to spines and such. I worked on taping Foundations of Algebra Year 2 Volume 1 and straightening out corners so they can press flat for the summer. I found we had some of those that belong to North HS, so I withdrew them from our database and sent them back to their home. When we got back into the library I cleared out 17 emails, processed two teacher magazines and Sports Illustrated, Bicycling and PC World for in the library. We had a class come in to get 'American' novels (they had to be written by an American) and I helped a few kids get some titles, a student took my recommendation on The Andromeda Strain from Michael Crichton. I checked in and out various books. I had a grandma call about a bill she received for her granddaughter on a text book. I can't pull up the billing menu, but I looked and saw our book was in. I got her number and went to check with the bookkeeper, and she found the student ID number for the ex-student and we found the book had come from another school. I got the phone number then called back the grandma and let her know to call the other school. Tomorrow we will be out of the library all day.

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