The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cleaning Up

We ran teacher reports on textbooks out today and came across a set of people we or the office have no idea who they are. So I checked in their books and then withdrew the books and the people. All but one who refuses to delete for some reason. I've checked the manual even and can't figure out why. Mrs. H called Bookbyte and they said they'd buy out our professional library copies of On Common Ground. So I withdrew the 90 or so copies we had, then we had to mark through the barcode, then stamp them discard. Then Mrs. H called to say they were all ready and they said they would only take 5 copies at the most! Arghh! So we will call Follett tomorrow to see if they'll take the rest. Got in lots of books and we're just under 11,000 today! Huzzah! I worked repairs in between getting books in. Scooped up the books that need work and piled them on a separate cart. We have two carts in the back to get shelved in the morning. Started working on June's bulletin board with all the senior and finals info while a meeting was going on in the library. 12 days of school left!

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