The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, May 4, 2009


There was AP testing in the library this morning so I started with lots of repairing. I grabbed a bunch of Prentice Hall Platinum books and started gluing. At 12:30 I helped Mrs. H down in Mrs. P's class make their books for their stories. I helped out getting supplies out, helping the students with the instructions. I helped one student that Mrs. P told Mrs. H she wanted to do something special for me since that student hadn't done much for the whole semester and was so happy he actually worked on his book. We got back in the library and had to run an update for the Insignia program as well as answer a ton of emails. Some of the classes that need to pick up texts will have to wait until next week. I also have a student that needed a job shadow and I got him a writer/editor who is a former teacher for Salem/Keizer School District. I'm so glad that I could get that contact for him. We got some action with checking in and out to individual students, had to make a new account for another school and check them out books. Finished the calendar, though I'm not completely happy with it. We had a staff meeting after school, so I worked in the back and organized the Chemcom books and took one to work on some repairs - they are pretty beat up, the edges and corners are in bad shape, so we may also work on those.

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