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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"I'm a Doctor, JIm, Not a Miracle Worker"

Two classes came in today with American Experience books and one had the cover totally ripped off and a student went to her locker and found it. (Shakes head while pulling on the rubber gloves) Pitiful. I did do some repairing today. Checked in a box of Witness books and let Ms. S know she still has one floating about. Got our aides working on moving books, but it was sad. Tried to print senior texts that are still out, but the report only contained two names, so we looked up name we knew was a senior, and there was the answer, graduating class of '09, not 2009. Put money in accounts, checked in books. Even checked out some texts today. Got back in The Lively Art of Writing from Mr. H and he didn't have 30, only 24, so he's going to check around to see if anyone else has any. After we printed up the senior textbook notices out I helped Mrs. H pull the three bills per page apart and then spent the rest of the day looking up on SASI the advisors for the seniors so they can be handed out during advisory on Friday. We have over $5,300 in textbooks out and billed just from seniors that are no longer at Sprague, from either graduating early, or have left. That's a lot of bookla. I pulled carts up to the front. Mrs. J hurt her arm and she kept walking back with her other arm trying to hold books (and doing a great job of it!) so I brought out a flat cart for her to just lay her books on instead of carrying them. We found when we started doing classes for seniors to deliver notices, that we had different classes. So I went to office and found we needed to put 'No Rotation' into the bottom filter. Then Mrs. H said for us to just break them into their Advisory Teachers. This is the first time I got to seriously look at a lot of teachers and their students. I am amazed by these incredible people that work so hard and make our community such a wonderful place to work. They deserve so much more that what they get.

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