The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

8 Period Day

Today was the last day before finals and they had the students go to all 8 classes. I made a sign for outside the textbook window for them to please turn in the books they are done with. Sent in a life ring (our tech icon for help) on a monitor in the computer lab. Turned out it just wasn't plugged in, but the plug in was not where we thought it was. Talked to Mrs. H and got her up to speed from yesterday. Processed in a People and New Yorker magazine. Put money in print accounts, monitored students in the computer lab. Checked in books and started to form ideas for the February calendar. I think we might go Olympian! (Get it? We're the Sprague Olympians and the Olympics are next month?:) Finals start tomorrow so I will go in early. Students are out by 1:10 pm so there's no reason for me to stay until 3:15 pm. I'd rather be in early to help check in books and Mrs. H wants me in early too.

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