The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Started out today putting money in print accounts for students, then pulled out the repairs I had started on Friday and began working on them. Did Vision monitoring and had to tell quite a few students today to go back to class since they were just playing and not doing their work. Big kudos to Mrs. H and Mrs. M. A student had a seizure this morning up in the front part of the library and they both assisted keeping the student from any further injuries. Our security team called 911 and it seemed that within moments, EMT's arrived treating and transporting the student. All of them really deserve a pat on the back. Checked in a bunch of Freedom's Children from Ms. O. Since the end of the semester is near, Mrs. H printed out something like 409 overdue book slips and Mrs. M and I spent the rest of the day checking our schedule program to tag the slips to Language Arts teachers for the teachers to hand out to their students. I think by the time I come in tomorrow, Mrs. M should be all done with them since we did most of them today. I also volunteer at the Salem Public Library on Monday afternoons and one of our students accidentally returned some of our books to them! So on my way in, I stopped by circulation and they very nicely handed over his books for me to take back tomorrow :)

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