The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, January 8, 2010


The Bulletin Board Mrs. M did! She's having kids tell their own 'dreams' along with Martin Luther King and you can see the slips on the side. Today we had advisory and I had another freshman group. I was all set to have all the instructions up on the screen using the teacher computer and the InFocus machine, and it didn't work. Drats! Mrs. H came over and showed me how to set it up for the next class, so I will try it next week. Did more repairs. We also talked new bookshelves and having them ADA accessible. Right now, they are not and we do have a couple of kids in wheelchairs. I helped a few students clear their accounts out since they are leaving us, checked out an updated edition of Working with Young Children to other students. Worked on repairs. We some straightening up and moved our books in repair to the back since we have a large group coming in to use the school over the weekend, including the library. Backed up all our files and we'll be back Monday!

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