The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, January 15, 2010


Had a coyote run across the road in front of my car on my way in this morning! Never had that happen before! We had an assembly today, so we had the library available to the students that did not want to attend. We pack in around 125 so I walked among them and talked with several. Then I went into our workroom and found two new boxes waiting, our books from our trip back in November! They are all ready to be covered and put out for kids to check out! All the hardbacks got covered and I almost finished my set of half the paperbacks covered as well. Had to help a student resize her picture on paint, checked out the rest of our dictionaries to Ms. P. We also had cleaned out old maps, you know, the old ones that hung in classrooms and the teachers would pull down for illustrating something? Ms. O started going through them, and we decided to send out an email for anybody that wanted one to come and get them. We were just planning on throwing them away. So the rest of the afternoon teachers came in and went through them, taking one here, two there. Much better than just throwing them out! Three day Weekend ahead!

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