The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Monitor Inventory

Found a barcode for BMX magazine on my keyboard this morning so I went over to check it out and three of the BMX Plus magazines, the October, November and December of 2009 issues had all had their spine tape pulled off, the barcodes ripped off or just the place where they were torn off. I took them all into the back and put them with the back stock of them. They won't go out again if the students are going to treat them that way. Got ready for Advisory and since Mrs. H had fixed my screen to display properly, I was able to put all the instruction up on the InFocus machine and then just walk up and down monitoring the kids and answering questions. It worked out perfect! Sent an answer to a teacher on when a certain text will be available for her to use. We got in our new display rack today and two boxes of new books! I covered the hardbacks and Mrs. M and I did the paperbacks. Yeah! New books! Processed six teacher magazines and Hot Rod and Sports Illustrated for us. Did the second count on money for Mrs. H so she could turn in all our print money today. Spent the last bit of the day inventorying the monitors that will be going to surplus. I had 32 I had to write down make, model, serial number and our own code number. Some of them were hard to find, others were just hard to read, but they are all catalogued now and ready to be picked up!

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