The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I don't often reserve books, so I messed one up today. It actually checked it out to a student rather than reserving it. Drats! I couldn't remember who had it before, so I found a report on book activity for the day and there was the name of the student who 'checked it in.' So I checked it back out to her, and then properly reserved the book for the student who wants to read it. I also checked out 20 dictionaries for Ms. R and took some time to put new tape on a few books that it had broken on. Then I began to process the four teacher magazines, and got those into their mailboxes and when I went to start processing our four, the power went out. We had a brief surge, and then it was gone! We kept the kids that were in the library there, and had another class come in because we have four frosted skylights in there and we had some light at least! We kept the kids in and took several to the bathrooms. We took turns guarding the door so they wouldn't roam the halls. After about an hour and ten minutes, all the lights came back on, just in time for lunch. I finished up the magazines and lost Transworld Skateboarding. I couldn't find it anywhere I'd been. Finally, I found a student had taken it off my desk. Tsk! Our custodian had to come over and help me reset the roll down gate I have on the textbook window. In an emergency, it'll pop the spring and the gate slides down, so he came by and with both of us we got it reset. An exchange student came in and was looking for some books in Spanish to read while she's here in Salem, so we found her three of them (and later I found another), so Mrs. H set her up with a temporary account so she could check them out. I then looked through our Spanish search and had our sub try to find them. She only found three out of the twelve on the list. I managed to get a few repairs done in the rest of the time I had left for my shift.

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