The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Penny for your Thoughts

Yep, it was glued to one of the tables sometime today. We couldn't get it off, glued down fast. Kids. Processed in 9 magazines this morning, Asimov's, People, PC World, Shape, New Yorker, Popular Photography, Time and Newsweek. I also pulled the older issues off the spinner rack and took them into the back to make room, then I had to shift some of those to make room as well! Students needed boxes for a project and we found them some. Made a new barcode/spine label for Bridge over the River Kwai. I also laminated the cover and did some lamination for a teacher while I had it running. Worked on more repairs. Channel One did not record last night, so I reset the incoming box and hopefully it will be fine tomorrow. I sent out an email so teachers would know it did not record. Had a student come in and bring in about 8 books, some textbooks, one a library book, and two she had borrowed off Mr. L's cart. She had been gone, but is now back, so with the books she brought back and the ones she is going to be using I worked with our bookkeeper and we were able to clear her of all charges. That was good! Ms. P's class came to turn in their old Algebra Connections V.1 and pick up V.2. Can I mention it's a great day since I'm off to see Gaelic Storm tonight at the Elsinore? They are one of my favorite bands! Huzzah!

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