The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


That's the title of my bulletin board out of the workroom. I took books from our shelves and took a cover image with a brief synopsis of the book. It turned out rather well. Though we are befuddled as to where our Animal, Vegetable, Miracle book went. It says it's in, but it's not :( Worked on a requistion for some Richard III for Mr. S. Looked up different avenues and prices and went to talk with him about which he'd like better. I wrote it up and handed it into Mrs. H. I also came across an order we might have done in September, but I've never seen the books, so we are looking into that. Got in the new Buen Viaje Writing Manuals and let the teachers and the bookkeeper know they were in since they've been on back order for quite some time. The bookkeeper also needed a copy of the invoice so I made one and put it in her box. Processed two teacher magazines and two for us and spent the rest of the day on repairs.

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