The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

\0/ - Overlujah

Got the last of the oversized books back on the shelf today. It was good to finish up that project. All the books are repaired and ready to be used for another long set of years! Turned on my computer and Trac-it was down! I have classes coming in today, so I threw in a life ring and then went to our tech. We'd been in and out of connection all morning, but was working by the time my first class came in, thank goodness! Checked out two more class sets of book, one for Geometry Connections V2 and the other for Algebra Connections V2. Took in the V1's from both. Did a lot of individual check outs(21)/ins(7); patron assists(7). Pulled some books for my new calendar - I'm going to do a travel calendar, I have a bunch of old National Geographic calendars at home that I'll use. Had a student come in with two bags of munchies, and told me she had gotten them to eat for lunch later. When I caught her eating on our new furniture, she got very red faced. After school she came in with a friend who also had a bag of snacks and said they weren't going to eat them, and I caught her eating! I told them both I was very disappointed and now needed some deep therapy!

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