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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cookies to Techies

I brought in a cookie mix for the wonderful techies that fixed my computer - I'm sure they were devoured in short order! I bought myself a doughnut today for a fund raiser since one of the guys brought them right up to my window! Did more repairing and checking in and out. I made a sign for the 921 section since I've found that number on the regular shelf two days in a row instead of on the carts! So the sign will direct not only patrons, but our shelvers as well! Boxed up all our surplus books for pick up next week, all tagged and taped. Had a teacher ask me about a Charles DeLint book for reading groups, so I suggested The Onion Girl. She was still searching a bit later, so I pulled The Hearts of Horses and Till We Have Faces which I think she's checking out as well. I love it when I get to make suggestions. I also had a student ask for a sci/fi book, so we went through my reviews and he picked out Leviathan to read. Another student came by to tell me that my suggestion of Firehorse was fabulous. Happy sigh! We've had a cart of Mythology books out for about a month, so I finally put them away. Found a Watership Down book squished on the floor of the telescoping shelves. It had fallen off its shelf and been wedged by the moving shelf and the back cover bent - so sad :( Was up to see Mrs. H and Mrs. M get in the new Library Guild books, always a treat to see what we get. Mrs. H left for a meeting, so I went up to Mrs. M's desk when she left for the night and worked the front desk. We had a new aide, so I was showing her how our library is situated, the fiction, the non-fiction, our specialty shelves. She was very good at asking kids for their passes and getting them to sign in and out. As I was straightening up the library before I left, one of the students got ill and hurled all over the floor by the emergency doors down by me. Oh no! Poor thing! I helped the student out the back door to get to the bathroom. I hope he's all right. I called the office for them to call custodial on the walkie talkie. Mr. B came over and mopped it up and took the trash can liner that had been used as well. At least it wasn't on the carpet and in a nice easy to clean space.

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