The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Geeks Go Bad

Sent out an e-mail to see if anyone's seen our Discover magazines and thought of all the magazines people could mess about with, why Discover? Is it a case of 'Geeks Go Bad?' We're also out a Popular Photography magazine, the March issue, we just found the torn off back cover today. Processed in three teacher magazines and three for the library. Did some more repairs and got a couple more books on the oversize shelves. I'm very proud of an old book that I ended up taping up all the edges and remaking a spine title. A mom called about a math book, so I told her what number her son was supposed to have and then let her know about our '2 texts out' form. He just needs to pick one up and she signs it and then we can check out a second book of that title. Met a new student and got her set into the Trac-it program. Made new signs for all the computers that there is no eating in the library. It had gotten out of hand, so we needed to rein them back in. Out of 60 computers only about ten of them had the 'No Food/Drinks/Candy' signs still on them, so now they all do. I closed out the library again this afternoon since Mrs. H had another meeting. She's been a busy girl!

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