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Friday, March 18, 2011

Book of Kells

Our last day before spring break and we were busy. Mrs. H and I tallied up all the cash from printing that we had and turned it in. I had two students come and bring in books that they had out from however long. 26 books they turned in and not only their books, but two other students as well! So, I got them all checked in, notes to the office that they were now all cleared from textbooks and the library. I cleared off one of the other students and another one had paid for his book. I had to send an e-mail to Mrs. S that that book was now in. She will send a refund to his parents. I opened a cupboard in the back and found some old books. One is a duplicate of one of the oversized books I just had worked on. The other was a beautiful edition of The Book of Kells. There are many color plates of the original, and they are just unbelievable. I had a teacher ask for this book earlier this school year and didn't know where it was, so I e-mailed who I thought had asked back months ago. I cleaned out all the rest of that cupboard, some old bulletin board things, recycling the old stuff and keeping what we can reuse. CD diamond cases I gave to the techies, some old VHS cases I put into recycling. I unplugged the fridge and defrosted it before we left since no one will be there to use it. All the kids gone, Mrs. H just cleaning up a few things and we are off for spring break.

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