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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Chair Pass

A set of boys came into the library this afternoon and one of them pushed a chair into a table and I applauded him and made a big deal about it so they all started pushing in the chairs! It was very cute. I told them that they had passes into the library whenever they wanted! I helped another student today look up Henry Moore - a sculptor in the 40's. We didn't have a book on him but there were some magazine articles so I asked him if he knew about our Gale database and he did, so he was going to go and look up more information there. We had another day of advisory and I had more seniors in today. The seniors were about done and I helped a couple of them, but most were done and just skating along. A new student came over from another school that has trimesters and our CIS program has credits for year and 2 semesters, but not for 3! So I ran down to the office and Mrs. K went into the Admin part of the iste and there's nothing there she could do, so I went back and she called them. It turns out they are adding in the trimester credits for next year, but since he's a senior, it won't help him this year. So she let me know that he's just to put the .33 credits in the notes. I e-mailed his advisor so she could let him know about that, but he was in later in the afternoon and so I went ahead and told him what to do, then let his advisor know I had gotten a hold of him. Worked on the oversized books again. Our sub for Mrs. M laminated the covers, so I prepped them all and glued the hinges of the books that needed that, so tomorrow they should be back on the shelf. I also decided to catalogue all the missing pictures from the Norman Rockwell book so we have a record of that. The book is still fabulous, but so sad to be missing these pieces.

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