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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

All Night Long

So I read in an America Pathways textbook today as I erased several drawings and crude sayings. It really is sad that not only I have to see them, but someone else does too. :( Did a lot of repairs today and cycled through more of our Lit Gold books. The computer lab was open for half the day so I spent a bit of time monitoring the kids. One fellow was quite the roamer and finally buckled down when I sent him over to the other lab where his class really was, then he came back in later in the day and was roaming around again - ! Just seems that one kid really can impact your day sometimes! Another student asked for a Mythology book to study, then asked if he could check one out since we had plenty and he was having trouble wrapping his head around some of the stories. I told him we had other books here in the library that might be able to help him out if he needed it and he appreciated that. I'm most proud of today finishing up this huge oversized book on Norman Rockwell. I repaired the cover and glued some of the book together and retaped the bottom edges and it looks so much better - I was happy to put it on the shelf today, I've been working on it for quite awhile. Processed in two magazines, checked in and out lots of individual books, pulled all our print money out of our drawers to lock it up for the night since we have a big event in the library tonight, closed everything up for Mrs. H since she had a meeting. I also had come in half an hour early, and, I must admit, I hid in the back and read my current book - Pegasus. A couple of kids found me, but I did get in some pages before I got into the day :)

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