The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


So today I had to work on my repair stuff and get that all cleaned up, trash and pieces of stuff all gathered and put in sleeves together so they're not all over my repair box like it's been. We had our classified meeting today and I attended it for the library (Mrs. M went last month for us!). Did some repairs on the Lit Gold books. Checked in a class set of Foundations of Algebra V1's and checked out V2's. Checked out another class of Wild Children. Got some Geometry books ready for the morning. Patrolled the students. Not only are they eating all over the library, but in the labs as well today. We decided that we'll start moving them all out by Monday. It's just gotten out of control. Checked in and out a lot of other books. Cleaned up things for the meeting in the library tonight. Turned off computer monitors and turned the kids out since we don't have students in the library during a teacher meeting. Tracked down the head custodian to try and get the extra lights in the library turned off for the meeting so they can see the PowerPoint presentation.

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