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Monday, March 14, 2011

Vista 2011 - Infected!

My computer got a virus and so I brought it in today to our techie crew and I'm happy to say that my computer is happily restored and just getting an overnight scan to make sure she's all clean! I love that I work somewhere I can access some great help and give them some experience as well! Guess I'll be picking up some doughnuts for them tomorrow! Checked in and out individual books today and since the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, I brought out a picture book on Japan up at our front desk for the kids to look at. I found a stack of books in the 921 spot so I took them over to the 921 shelves and straightened that all out since the kids checked out biographies. I had to help with searches today since the forcasting is still going on and they are using the computers patrons usually search on. Mrs. M got the laminator working and did all my covers. So, the covers are all done and I just have a few books left to do. A teacher brought in a book that a student brought in and it turns out it was a lost book that a student had paid for, so I e-mailed our bookkeeper and let her know it was in. She will send them a check to reimburse them for that book. We work together really well on issues like this! Processed in three magazines. Mrs. H went to work on drafting a grant for library funding, so when Mrs. M left for the day, I closed up my window and moved to the front desk for the rest of the afternoon. It was fun and I really enjoyed helping kids. I know how much Mrs. M loves to be up there, I can see why! I also moved through the library during lunches to tell kids they can't be eating in here anymore. It's just gotten out of hand. Today I had three boys eating burgers over keyboards in the computer lab! Bbbaaadddd!

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