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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Finally we find the box of missing First Aid materials - huzzah! A couple of the instructor manuals came just as hole punched papers with a front, back and end for a sleeved notebook. I remembered I'd seen some notebooks out in the portables so I went back out and scrounged around and also found a very nice Oly vest. I believe it was from a teacher that moved to another school, so we asked her if she wanted it and she said she had gotten out everything that was hers, so I decided to keep it rather than leave it hanging in an unused space. Processed in the First Aid missing materials and one teacher magazine and two for the library. Checked out a class set of books to Mr. D. Got Mr. M the rest of the Grammar Dimensions for him to take. Picked out some books for the new bulletin board. Worked on Biology books, who had billed books that we may be able to get back in. Out of 18 kids we have billed, only 5 are still in school. The other 13 totalled almost $3,000 in book charges, that comes to $230 dollars that walked out of the school per student that left. That's a lot. Talked with our Pearson rep today and found there isn't an online version of the American Pageant book, so if we do get books, they will be hard cover ones. There is a new version coming out in the spring and that will have an online package you can purchase with the actual texts at a discount. I sent all the information to our principal and he will let me know what we will do.

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