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Friday, September 16, 2011

Almost Got Something Done

Had all my plans in place to finish up the D-Day books today and hardly got around to them! Checked out a lot of books, worked with Mrs. H on what books we could get online access to again. We found we have about seven texts that can all be accessed online - which is a great thing! Got in the extra Chemistry books, so that is very cool. I was working to try and find the online access to the America: Pathways to the Present and thought - 'I'll look in the teacher resources' and voilĂ , there it was - the online access pack. I'm thinking I need to get an iPad 2 so I can get into technology for the oncoming bookless revolution. There will probably always be some textbooks, but more and more the students will be getting their information online in some form. We also found that we are missing a box from our First Aid order and set about trying to find it since we are also missing the invoice from that - which is probably in the missing box. It's Friday and I'm off to Oktoberfest in Mt. Angel tonight! Guten tag!

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