The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, September 26, 2011


Processed in our new Bien dit! 2 books that arrived today - Huzzah!! Students checked them out like crazy all afternoon. Processed in some Biology books for Mr. W that came from another school. We also have a student that had been on Pearson's SuccessNet online account and couldn't get changed over from his middle school to Sprague, so I had contacted our tech department and they weren't able to do anything and let me know that today, so I tried to call Pearson and get some tech support and couldn't get through. So I finally got out an access code and created a teacher account so I could go in and see what options there might be and it looks like teachers can edit student accounts, so I contacted his teacher and asked if he'd try to do that, and the teacher said he'd try, so we'll see what happens. I called the father and let him know we were still working on it. I also got a response from Holt MacDougall on the AP history book and yes, there is an online version, but it would need to be purchased, so I asked what they cost would be. After they send that, I will let our principal know and he can make the decision on which way we need to go for students - either more books, or online access. Monitored students heavily on the computer lab and checked out a lot of books today.

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