The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Processed in a teacher magazine and four for the library. Checked out three class sets of Geometry. I had a parent call with some online issues and sent the request on to our tech department. Finished covering the D-Day books, yeah! There used to be a TV out in the Commons so I wanted to see if it was still there for showing Channel One during lunch and it is gone. I helped Mrs. G with her online access for setting up classes and gave her some old Buen Viaje workbooks we had in the back. The best part of the day was getting keys for the old portables. We no longer have teachers in there, and they cleaned out most of their stuff, so I got to comb through 10 old classrooms looking for left behind books. I found a couple of boxes worth and brought all those in and checked them in, several had been billed to students and one had been paid for - I even remember that book, the student insisted that she had turned it in and we looked for it at least 3 times in our books stacks, and there it was completely somewhere else! Her parents will be happy to get their money back! I found a ream of 11x17 paper we can use later this year for the book making project. That'll help and a few books for the library as well. A good haul!

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