The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Keeping it Real

Got my calendar all up for the start of school on Tuesday. Got my desk all cleaned off. Processed three magazines. Mailed off 2 books to Mrs. B now over at McNary. Sent off another magazine to Mr. B over at Waldo. Cracked open the new Realidades 2 cases we got in late yesterday and sorted out all the teacher resources. Found that we had duplicates of ten different items - we were supposed to get 3 of each and those we got 6 of each and we were missing two items from our order. So I called Northwest Text and talked with a rep and she is looking into it and will get back to me on Tuesday. I processed in about half of those so the teacher will have most of her materials on Tuesday. I'll ask her what else she needs right away when I see her on Tuesday. Got through all my emails and started lists of teachers and what books they will need starting Wednesday. I was going to pull books today, but never got around to it, so that will be the main goal on Tuesday. Then we'll have student help starting on Wednesday. All too soon, the day is over.

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