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Monday, September 12, 2011

Online Access

Checked out more books today and started to clean up the piles that we're done with. Shipped out the rest of the Guide to Good Foods to McNary. We got in some Working with Young Children and I had to check with the librarians over there since these are fairly new books and no one had x'ed out the barcodes or anything. We ran out of our Realidades 1 books and the teacher wanted to get some more, now! So I inquired around and another school is looking for 25 more themselves. With the bigger class sizes and less options, we are running out of books that we've never run out of before. I let the teacher know we did have online access for that text and she needed to register and that would give the students access, so I hope she does that soon. I also looked up prices for our American Pageant books since we are also short on those. I think check outs did really well with the new schedule and we're just about done with the main classes. Helped a teacher look for some novels for his class. Helped a new aide learn the back room and how we put away books. Had a group of resources for a teacher and she was really excited about them and a set of memoirs about D-Day we had gotten in. Went through my staff handouts and checklist for that for the year.

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