The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

5 More

Today I shipped off five boxes of German materials. Had to check them all out to the school that's going to use them as well. Made sure I didn't go over the 50 pound weight limit on the boxes! Checked out 5 class sets of books to Mr. L. We have a great aide that carted them all down to him. Had another class set of Biology books that our aide also took to a room for another teacher. Checked out a lot of books today to kids and I missed a couple of pick ups for another teacher but her student teacher helped out to pull books! Processed a teacher magazine and two for the library. Started to process in 18 books on true stories of D-Day. Did more emailing on books we needed. Hopefully our loan of Chemistry books will arrive tomorrow and a small order of french books will arrive and we'll get to order in some spanish one books as well. Worked with a student looking for a classic book to read. They have several classes and no one can read the same book - so the choices are getting low. I helped her get up the list and our library catalogue search page to go from one to the other, but she ended up heading back to the teacher to get a list of which books were still left since so many had already been taken.

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