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Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Got back all our Mostly True Adventues of Homer P. Figgs books in this morning. There were about 25 of them all from different schools, so I had to check them all in, then out to the school they came from, then put each one into an in district mailer. That took time!! I had a whole copy paper box filled with envelopes. Glad for the lending though and pout a note on each book back that we were very grateful for the loan.  I get so excited when a box of books comes in! Huzzah! My order from Scholastic from the Book Fair arrived today and first things first, check them against the invoice. Then I took them and the other books that have come in that were donated and others, and prepped them all, stamping them with the Leslie stamp in three places each and writing up the books for a list to put in the carton with them. Did a bunch of deletions out of my emails today, the whole gone and dead. I had over 4,700 deleted emails, so I took time today to totally destroy some of those. Did two book talks today and checked in/out a classroom after one of them. Got another set of math books done and back on the shelf. At the end of 6th period today I hear this big thump and the students by our copier machine had slammed the door shut and it had knocked off the two all school pictures and they had dropped and broke the glass on both the pictures. What a mess. So I called the custodian to come and get that glass up. Luckily the glass was just by the wall and since we have carpet, it didn't go anywhere else. I think I'll just take the pictures and take them up to the office to see what they want to do with them.

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