The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Numbers in Order

Today we got going on getting the math books back in numerical order. I started in the 6th grade books, put together my layout grid on the big workroom table (long horizontal rows for 100's - short vertical for the 10's) - there's usually around 300 books for each title. So I helped out 1st period since one of the aides was gone, then had 2nd period start the next title, then 3rd period got new math books ready for Ms. D for 3 periods doing the Kercheski method. Had two other classes come in and pick up their math books. Had 5th period do some more, then 6th period got started on another one, so we got through all the 6th grade books today! I had a student need to work off a lost book, so he started the 7th grade books. Laminated a few things today. Got in my first set of diversity books! So excited! Got in 22, 37 to go! It was a busy and very productive day! Huzzah!

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