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Friday, May 26, 2017

Dream Big

Today I only worked a little bit on my books because I got swept up in other things. The school district made a decision to let go of all book and textbook fines for the students that are going on to 9th grade. That's a ton of money at a time when we are looking at a reduced budget for the next two years. So the middle schools all got together and created a spreadsheet of how many library books would be waived and then how many textbooks would be waived and the cost of all that, just for the middle schools. Mine alone came to about $6K and we have eleven middle schools. That's a ton of money. Then I started to work on getting a PowerPoint together of getting in a Span Wall in the library. I need to get the picture off this web page here (!) for a slide. Then did a drawing of the library and how it's arranged now with my Envisioned Library! We are all losing our computer labs over the summer, so they are looking at what to do with that space, so I drew it all out (I am no architect draftsperson!!) and gave a timeline for things to do, and how to go about my idea! Then I wrote down some great reasons why, statistics on library use - we only used the table area of the library about 30% of the time this year. If we had the Span Wall??? I bet it would be in use all the time!! I am really excited about it! Though I doubt it will happen, I can still ask and show the benefits! Three day weekend!

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