The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Lost Books

So I have a grand total today of 345 lost books. That's after I sorted through the list, took out teacher and just concentrated on student books. So, not too bad. And the grand total of found books was 18! That's more than I thought I'd find. So, some kids will be very happy! I also found two Avatar books that had swapped barcodes. When I looked for two of them lost, one number came up, but for a different title. I pulled them all and went through until I found the other one with the swapped barcode and just printed new barcodes and put them on the right book! Took down my last two displays and put up a new ALA poster,  Greek Out - Read! Since our classes are doing their mythology unit. I also printed up some book covers to put around it. Put up the 'Reading Makes you Smile' on the Rene Telgemeier 'Smile' book and put up some inflatable happy face flowers around it. Did some laminating as well today. Cleaned up some shelving while I was looking around for lost books. A very good day! 4 weeks to go!

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