The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

VHS Gone

Today I worked on getting rid of all the VHS tapes I withdrew. I recycled the paper from the containers and cut the tapes so they couldn't be used again. I have four boxes of tapes and holders and a garbage bag full as well. Took a box from a VHS of a country and it had cards in it, with a little statue and a flag - went over to Ms. V and she loved them! So we had about five of those sets and I got all the pieces to her to use. She was pretty excited about them and couldn't wait to use them in a classroom. Glad I thought to show them to her! Did two book talks for a class and had to check in/out for one of them myself since I don't have aides that period. Finished reading Iqbal, very good story for the book talks. Sunny and warm, too warm! When I left today, 81 degrees by the car temp gauge! Wow! Maybe summer is on its way!

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